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Pick a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for Better Care, Lower Price

November 26, 2014


Who doesn’t like the chance to get high quality at a discounted price? But did you know that many LifeWise plan members have this same opportunity when seeing a doctor? By designating one doctor as your primary care provider (known as a “PCP”), you get a “quarterback” for your health plus a financial break with each […]

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Take an Urban Hike: #HealthByStorm Challenge #3

June 30, 2014


Health By Storm

To enter this week’s challenge, all you need to do is share details about your urban workout! Tell us what you did and where, and/or upload a pic! Be sure to use the hashtags #HealthByStorm and #LivingLifeWise on your posts.

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Four “Healthified” Snacks Your Kids Will Love

May 5, 2014


Think of snacks as small meals designed to sustain energy, keep weight in check and keep blood sugars stable between the three big meals of the day. What makes a snack healthy are the same things that make our large meals healthy – lean protein, fiber, fruits and vegetables.

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Waking up Determined and Going to Bed Satisfied

April 29, 2014


My story is an important one – and it’s one that many people share. I used to wake up every day, put my feet on the ground and brace to stand up while the little voice inside my head said, “I have got to do something to get this weight off”. I’d leave the house to go to work, and the voice would chime in again: “walking to the car would be so much easier if you lost weight” and “you could climb these stairs without getting winded if you lost weight”. All day long, the words would ring in my ears. At the end of the day I’d climb into bed, exhausted, and think: “tomorrow I’ve got to do something to get this weight off”.

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Four Ways to “Health-ify” Your Sandwich

April 17, 2014


America’s favorite grab-and-go lunch item can be a great convenience option, but what lies between the bread slices can range from healthy to decadent. Follow these simple and easy suggestions and you’ll end up with a meal that’s just as healthy as it is quick!

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